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Join us every month! We inspire others by shining a spotlight on our network of members made up of food retailers, caterers, foodservice providers and many others working with food. They share knowledge, inspire change, and empower peers to make better choices that will, in turn, have a positive impact on the wider food system and, ultimately, the food on our plates. Join our community

We are a community builder. Future Green (formerly Food Made Good HK) brings together up to 90 members every month at various events to bring expert speakers to the stage around sustainable food system topics.

Why does the food system matter?

  • Biggest killer in the world – 30,000 die each day from hunger and diet-related illness
  • Supply chains are plagued by forced and child labour, say experts
  • Agrifood accounts for one third of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Responsible for 90 per cent of deforestation


Get in touch today to learn how you can contribute to positive change and supporting us in scaling sustainable food systems. If you work with food please join us to kick start the conversation in your business on sustainable food systems. We welcome food retailers, caterers, suppliers, school facilities, developer facilities, landlords, procurement teams, events organisers, NGOs.