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CIS holds sustainability as a core value and is committed to upholding sustainable practices and educating students to work towards a sustainable future. The school completed a student-led, expert-guided, whole school sustainability audit of its operations during the 2019-2020 school year. From the curriculum and food services to buildings and transportation, CIS has taken a holistic approach to foster a sustainable campus.

Future Green supported their efforts in line with its 2020 sustainability strategy, to renew its tendering process for sustainable school food. With its catering tender up for renewal, the race was on to find a new partner that shared their values.

1 RFP package designed
8 Caterers Assessed
400 Meals influenced daily

The solution was to design an RFP process and policy documents that made it easy for stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, teams) to identify and evaluate sustainable catering options.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • A mini assessment
  • RFP Survey
  • A rubric to measure target areas
  • Draft agreement
  • An easy to use holistic RFP package including a rubric, desk-based research, draft contract, and mini assessment with questions aligning with the Food Made Good framework.

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