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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


HKUST is one of the fastest growing universities in the world. HKUST was looking to maintain its leadership position in sustainability. We designed a programme to support stakeholder engagement including with large scale caterers across 8 universities and tenants. Training and strategy workshops on food sustainability, enabled businesses to identify challenges and take action.

500 dishes carbon labelled
20 F&B brands engaged
3 Large Scale Caterers Engaged

Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement of students, F&B tenant brands, catering company headquarters


We designed a programme to engage all relevant stakeholders to educate and inspire, enable catering businesses to take action, and test the market to see if we can influence diner dietary choices.

  • Sustainability training
  • Audits and assessments
  • Prioritisation workshops
  •  An 8 university wide programme to test behaviour change and influence diets


  • Audit data is being used to inform the 2026 sustainability strategy
  • Opportunities identified from audit are being incorporated into a bespoke pillar on sustainable food systems
  • Caterers engaged on sustainability, identified challenges and solutions
  • Sustainability executive hired to implement projects aligned to the newly created strategy of 5 pillars
  • Clear direction of travel and priorities mapped against the Food Made Good Framework

Carbon labelling programme underway for a collective of 8 Hong Kong universities

“Our University prides itself in our aggressive approach to sustainability, meaning we set difficult targets and then challenge ourselves to develop creative solutions that are performance-based, data-driven, and create positive impacts for our community. The collaboration with Food Made Good HK fit our vision perfectly and helped us develop sustainability KPIs for our F&B outlets that are meaningful, measurable, and transparent.”

Davis Bookhart
Director Of Sustainability And Net Zero Office, Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

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