Know your baseline

Materiality Assessment
A two week process

Get Audited to baseline your business

Turn Ideas into Actions Do you have a Roadmap?

A materiality assessment is designed to capture the views and values of the stakeholders involved in your business. We will capture qualitative and quantitative scores to enable a visualised representation of your position against an appropriate framework. This is your starting point for reporting widely to your stakeholders, capturing their views and understanding of the risks and opportunities specific to your brand(s).

For foodservice we use the Food Made Good framework. For retailers and at product level we draw from the Omni Framework

What to Expect in a
Materiality Assessment

A  2 Week Programme

Week 1

  • Stakeholder interviews to highlights material issues
  • Survey to measuring pertinent sustainability indicators
  • Baseline Audit
  • Action Plan with priorities ranked

Week 2

  • Agree milestones & roadmap
  • Timeline for execution
  • Advisory support plan

Outcomes: Sharable report with identified sustainability initiatives and action plan

Who do we need in the room/to interview Ideally…

Procurement Teams
Chefs /Sous Chefs
Marketing Teams
Sustainability Leads
Product Teams

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Ready to make your business greener, less polluting and more restorative?

Want to know your baseline and get assessed? Let’s run a Lightening Decision Jam – light touch half day workshop to introduce you to the food sustainability world and what is involved in a materiality assessment.