Sustainability Journey

Help your teams speak confidently
about your sustainability initiatives

How you might partner with us

We often get told, that you don’t know where to begin when it comes to a food strategy. We’re here to help and listen to your pain points. We suggest kicking off with a Sustainability Strategy Sprint to align teams to rally around your food sustainability vision and goals. We help you and your team firstly understand what food sustainability means for your industry, then identify key gaps and opportunities, that align to your brand values. We facilitate your sustainability journey end to end. Using our approach, we will jointly develop a food sustainability strategy, creating a set of commitment statements and KPIs for your company that meet your current needs while also supporting your future success. Start off with a Strategy Sprint to align teams. Here below is a typical journey that we’ve taken many businesses through…

Phase 1

Strategy Sprint

A Strategy Sprints happens over two days and enables you and your team to align on sustainability initiatives to take forward. We’ll run a Sustainability 101 to share knowledge and demystify food sustainability for you. Then we’ll run an exciting decision making workshop, the Lightening Decision Jam. Prioritising actions based on the effort required to implement them and their impact on business success is a key outcome .

Your Roadmap will be co-created and contain milestones with ambitious sustainability actions to drive change. Whether this be through targets for procurement of cage free eggs or eliminating deforestation linked products. You might want a comprehensive approach that includes getting audited (eg Food Made Good Star Rating) or having a product level LCA done (guided by Omni Framework), doing a Materiality Assessment, or it could be as simple as  jumping right in with procurement changes first. We meet you where you are on your journey.


Phase 2


Upskill teams, get your house in order before you start communicating to your audience with one of our CPD certified course.

Phase 3

Communications Greenwash-free

In the past we’ve prepared press releases for businesses who want to share their success stories. Sharing progress is the best way to normalise sustainable practices. Let us help you share your wins! We’ve supported hotels in announcing their shift to 100% cage free eggs, or another on their 3 Star Rating Food Made Good Rating results. We’ve curated social content for a bank seeking to run a global campaign to shift employees, customers and clients to sustainable dining. We’ve carbon labelled menus to help communicate food’s impact on the environment. We are currently working with a fellow B Corp to showcase their sustainable coffee. Anything is possible! Some ideas below!

  1. Develop a Sustainability Communications Strategy for your organisation / Assess your current one and re-engineer if required
  2. Create a Sustainability Communications Action Plan that complements your overall Communications Strategy
  3. Determine PR approach on generating media exposure in HK and APAC
  4. Media database guidance

Phase Four

Food Vision Take Action

Time to execute your Food Vision. Aligning strategy, audit results, materiality assessments, and workshop outcomes to carry out your vision. Meeting sustainable vetted, 3rd part solution providers, and join and speak at our monthly meet ups to share progress! Meet our Community Members who can provide sustainable solutions no matter how big or small.