Tell the world you are on your sustainability journey

& Marketing

As your strategic partner, we can guide you through the complex food sustainability landscape

From fixing things upstream with procurement policy writing to support you in communicating with suppliers and caterers to downstream, external communications with your diners and customers we can support you in sending the right message on sustainable food.

Through integrated brand campaigns and strategies that highlight your achievements, our team of creatives & content creators will highlight your sustainability credentials (against our framework) and position your brand as sustainably-minded. Our goal is to help you deliver your key messages to the right audiences, then amplify them. From influencer campaigns and creative storytelling, to video production and digital content, we create engaging materials and develop credible, captivating communications that avoid greenwashing. 

Why us?

International Our global network of followers is especially strong in Europe and Asia, providing excellent opportunities for lead generation.

Innovation Demonstrate that you’re a local market leader in sustainability and forward-thinking.  

Amplification Cross-marketing makes all parties stronger. Gain greater traction across social media. 

Brand Association By partnering with subject matter experts in sustainable food systems Future Green, (formerly) Food Made Good HK you’re sending a clear message to supporters that Sustainability is key to your agenda.

Service One

Policy Writing sustainable procurement

Have you grown frustrated with your suppliers and caterers not servicing your sustainable food procurement needs? We’ve recently supported businesses in switching to sustainable suppliers and caterers. Let us help you draw up the RFP process documents so you and your stakeholders can run a thorough research process.

Service Two

Menu Carbon labelling

Through our partnership with leading climate-labelling platforms for food businesses such as Klimato, we can conduct a menu lifecycle analysis to measure its CO2 impact. Our team of experts will calculate the carbon footprint of every dish on your menu which you can then share with diners. We use LCA ISO14040, a certified methodology to calculate the environmental impact of each product (using data pulled from global averages). Making consumers more aware of the environmental impact of different ingredients can influence them to choose more planet-friendly options. 


Service Three

Sustainable brand activation events

Gain greater brand recognition and awareness in Hong Kong and beyond using our network of influential chefs and professionals within the F&B industry to run thought leadership events a to showcase your sustainable brand. You brand will be strong in our of our framework areas.

Service provided:

  • Creating a panel talks
  • Enlisting sustainably minded KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) or Content Creators
  • Contract negotiation
  • Production briefing
  • Post-production review
  • Content sharing coordination and audience engagement
  • Coordination of online competitions / giveaways (if applicable)
  • Social media performance report

Service Four

Content Marketing with industry influencers for Consumer facing greenwash-free

As consumers grow more educated on how their purchases impact the environment, become more selective about who they buy from. We can help you craft marketing messages that convey your sustainability commitment and how you deliver value to customers while preserving or enhancing natural and human resources.

Check out this cool video we made with our client Henderson Land Development and Sustainable food advocate, and Final Table Chef Charles Michel!

We also ran a global campaign with partners called One Planet Plate with HSBC.