A typical journey with us

Kickstart your
sustainability strategy with us

As your strategic partner, we can guide you through the complex food sustainability landscape

We help you and your team identify key gaps and opportunities, facilitating your sustainability journey. Using our approach, we will jointly develop a food sustainability strategy, creating a set of commitment statements and KPIs for your company that meet your current needs while also supporting your future success. Start off with a Strategy Sprint to align teams.

Phase 1

Strategy Sprint

Action planning workshop Stakeholder interviews with senior stakeholders and site-level employees to identify and understand what issues are significant to the business through the views of those close to the business. Audits to get a baseline of where you are today so we can start measuring progress.

Phase 2


Phase 3

Execution of Roadmap

Run a Lightening Decision Jam. Prioritising improvement statements based on the effort required to implement them and their impact on business success. A roadmap and actions will be key outcomes from the workshop.

Phase Four

Food vision

Aligning audit results, materiality Assessment, stakeholder interviews and workshop outcomes to identify focus areas and create your Food Vision and Commitment Statements. Share with your audience.