CPD Course Training – Regenerative Agriculture


Turn Ideas into Actions Training for Food Retailers


  • Have a clear understanding on what regenerative agriculture is and why it matters
  • Have a clear understanding on current trends in the agriculture sector and i) food production can be impacted by them ii) how regenerative agriculture practices can address them
  • Learn new knowledge and hear about best practice across the industry via relevant case studies
  • Utilise new information, workshop activities and resources to take action towards sustainable and responsible sourcing practices and to influence suppliers


What to Expect?


We’ll begin the workshop with an overview of regenerative agriculture, including definitions, principles, terminology, and its importance in relation to sourcing food sustainably, and address the environmental and human health impacts of the current agricultural system. Our guest speaker (eg Pur Projet) will speak about a regenerative agriculture project to bring this approach to life. We’ll then explore i) top agricultural trends and and best practice.

We’ll embed knowledge through highly participatory workshops were able to apply their new knowledge in a workshop activity matching the different regenerative agriculture principles and metrics to five themes (soil, water, biodiversity, climate and livelihoods).  There was an opportunity to discuss the areas of most interest


What to expect? Regen Ag doesn’t have to be boring

  • Interactive day of knowledge sharing followed by and a systems thinking workshop
  • Share trends map, best practice, and industry case studies
  • Scenario building
  • Prioritisation exercises
  • Identify prioritised opportunities for collective action

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Ready to make your business greener, less polluting and more restorative? Still unsure? Download our Regenerative Agriculture further reading guide.